Star Maths 1b

Forsback, Maarit; Kalliola, Anne; Tikkanen, Arto; Waneus, Miia-Liisa
Title: Star Maths 1b
Title in original language: Tuhattaituri 1b (OPS16)
Authors: Forsback, Maarit (Author)
Kalliola, Anne (Author)
Tikkanen, Arto (Author)
Waneus, Miia-Liisa (Author)
Rajamäki-Kukkonen, Maisa (Illustrator)
Product number: 9789511321675
Product form: Paperback
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Korvaava tuote 9789511478645
Publication date: 14.2.2018
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Publ. product code: 0MRA
Title in original language: Tuhattaituri 1b (OPS16)
Publisher: Otava
Series: Star Maths
Edition: 6. edition, 2023
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Product form description: + kuori
Pages: 205
Product family: Mathematics
Primary Maths
Otava Learning
Finnish library classification: P51 MATEMATIIKKA
School Level: Primary school
Content of the book: Numbers 11-20: addition with sums above 10; subtraction with differences below 10; understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction; checking the results of subtraction; doubling; halving and doubling numbers; even and odd numbers; Numbers 0-100: units, tens (0, 10, 20, ..., 100) and one hundred; greater than/less than; number series; Telling the time: on the hour and half past; Geometry: wholes; 2D shapes; Fundamentals of measurement; centimetres