High five! 1-2 international edition

Kalaja, Mari; Korpela, Niina; Kuja-Kyyny-Pajula, Raija; Mäkinen, Jamie; Pelli-Kouvo, Päivi
Title: High five! 1-2 international edition
Title in original language: High five! 1–2
Authors: Kalaja, Mari (Author)
Korpela, Niina (Author)
Kuja-Kyyny-Pajula, Raija (Author)
Mäkinen, Jamie (Author)
Pelli-Kouvo, Päivi (Author)
Manninen, Mirjami (Illustrator)
Petrell, Tarja (Illustrator)
Product number: 9789511410812
Product form: Paperback
Availability: Available, in stock
Publication date: 22.4.2022
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Publ. product code: 17PX
Title in original language: High five! 1–2
Publisher: Otava
Series: High five!
Edition: 2. edition, 2023
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 96
Product family: Otava Learning
Primary English
Finnish library classification: P89.5 Englannin kieli
School Level: Primary school
High five! 1-2 pupil's book introduces the pupil to the English language and culture - in English, of course! In addition to the vocabulary, songs, poems and listening comprehensions, also the instructions to the exercises are in English.

The vocabulary in the book is connected to the pupils' every day lives, such as school, family, animals, food and toys. They learn important phrases that they can use in communicative situations. Fun songs and inspiring illustrations motivate the pupils to study the language. Reading skills are not required from pupils who use the High five! 1-2 pupil's book.