High five! 4 Texts international edition

Kalaja, Mari; Korpela, Niina; Kuja-Kyyny-Pajula, Raija; Mäkinen, Jamie; Pelli-Kouvo, Päivi
Title: High five! 4 Texts international edition
Title in original language: High five! 4 Texts
Authors: Kalaja, Mari (Author)
Korpela, Niina (Author)
Kuja-Kyyny-Pajula, Raija (Author)
Mäkinen, Jamie (Author)
Pelli-Kouvo, Päivi (Author)
Katto, Noora (Illustrator)
Kankaanpää, Mikko (Illustrator)
Product number: 9789511370321
Product form: Paperback
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Publication date: 4.5.2022
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Publ. product code: 0YLG
Title in original language: High five! 4 Texts
Publisher: Otava
Series: High five!
Edition: 2022
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 133
Product family: Otava Learning
Primary English
Finnish library classification: P89.5 Englannin kieli
School Level: Primary school
The richly illustrated High five! pupil's textbooks for grades 3-6 are filled with a variety of text types, training multiliteracy skills. Illustrated vocabulary and key phrases for each chapter are presented on a double-page spread which can also be used for downward differentiation. Catchy chants reinforce grammar structures and pronunciation is practised via lively action stories. All chapters include songs and games. Faster learners will benefit from additional vocabulary and texts.