No niin! 2 opettajan opas — Suomea aikuisille

Gerstler, Susanne; Aho, Hanna
Title: No niin! 2 opettajan opas — Suomea aikuisille
Authors: Gerstler, Susanne (Author)
Aho, Hanna (Author)
Product number: 9789511364566
Product form: Leaflet, handout
Availability: Coming soon 30.12.2020. Can be pre-ordered 90 days before publishing date
Publication date: 30.12.2020
Price: 72,00 € (65,45 € vat 0 %)

Publ. product code: 0XE9
Publisher: Otava
Series: No niin! Finn Lectura
Textbook series: No niin!, Finn Lectura
Edition: 2020
Publication year: 2020
Language: Finnish
Pages: 320
Product family: Finn Lectura
Finnish as a second language
Library classification: K88.2 Suomen kieli
School Level: Vocational and adult education
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