Playful Learning In Early Childhood Education in Finland

Karvonen, Pirkko; Ukkonen-Mikkola, Tuulikki; Fenyvesi, Kristóf; Salonen, Milla; Erkkilä, Päivi; Laine, Elina; Hellden-Paavola, Susanna; Taittonen, Laura
Title: Playful Learning In Early Childhood Education in Finland
Authors: Karvonen, Pirkko (Author)
Ukkonen-Mikkola, Tuulikki (Author)
Fenyvesi, Kristóf (Author)
Salonen, Milla (Author)
Erkkilä, Päivi (Author)
Laine, Elina (Author)
Hellden-Paavola, Susanna (Author)
Taittonen, Laura (Author)
Storgård, Eija (Illustrator)
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Publication date: 21.3.2022
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Publisher: Otava
Series: Playful Learning
Edition: 2. edition, 2023
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 235
Product family: Educational Sciences
Finnish library classification: K38 KASVATUS. OPETUS. KASVATUSTIEDE
School Level: Aikuiskoulutus
YSO - General Finnish ontology: varhaiskasvatus, esiopetus, leikkipedagogiikka, oppiminen, leikkiminen, leikit, pelit, kielikasvatus, taidekasvatus, taitokasvatus, matemaattiset taidot, motoriset taidot, pedagogiikka
This book is intended for all persons working with children aged 0-7 years and who do the vital work, for instance, in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centres, kindergartens, nurseries or schools. This book is also an excellent tool for training ECEC teachers. The focus of the book is to describe early childhood education and care in Finland from a theoretical and practical perspective. The book contains over 100 practical and playful activities for children under seven years of age. The authors give concrete examples and ideas for how to implement activities with children to learn through play. The book is based on the Finnish pedagogical practices, scientific research, and development projects from ECEC and is also based on Finnish National Core Curriculum for ECEC.