Titanium Physics 2 basic level

Bobrowsky, Matthew; Heinonen, Martti; Kohtamäki, Jukka; Korhonen, Mikko
Title: Titanium Physics 2 basic level
Title in original language: Titaani fysiikka 2 E
Authors: Bobrowsky, Matthew (Author)
Heinonen, Martti (Author)
Kohtamäki, Jukka (Author)
Korhonen, Mikko (Author)
Product number: 9789511389477
Product form: Paperback
Availability: Available, in stock
Publication date: 1.8.2022
Price: 27,80 € (25,27 € vat 0 %)

Publ. product code: 12XR
Title in original language: Titaani fysiikka 2 E
Publisher: Otava
Series: Titanium
Edition: 2022
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 128
Product family: Otava Learning
Finnish library classification: P53 FYSIIKKA
School Level: Upper comprehensive school
Content of the book: Power and Motion: 13. Interactions, 14. Forces, 15. Velocity, 16. Acceleration, 17. Pressure, 18. Balance and leverage, 19. Work and force; Heat: 20. Temperature and heat, 21. Heat transfer, 22. Thermal expansion, 23. Changes in physical state, 24. Storage of thermal energy, 25. Heaters at home, 26. Energy production and energy sources

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