Way Ahead — English for Advanced Conversation Classes

Bonsdorff, Rebecca von; Stevenage, Christine
Title: Way Ahead — English for Advanced Conversation Classes
Authors: Bonsdorff, Rebecca von (Author)
Stevenage, Christine (Author)
Product number: 9789511334064
Product form: Paperback
Availability: Available, in stock
Price: 39,00 € (35,45 € vat 0 %)

Publ. product code: 0SMV
Publisher: Otava
Series: Way Ahead Finn Lectura
Textbook series: Way Ahead, Finn Lectura
Edition: 2019
Publication year: 2019
Language: Finnish
Pages: 168
Product family: Finn Lectura
Library classification: K89.5 Englannin kieli
School Level: Vocational and adult education
Way Ahead is a conversation course that is aimed at advanced learners of English. The focus of Way Ahead is on providing fun and engaging exercises that improve the student's confidence and fluency when talking in English. Throughout the whole course learners take part in fun games, quizzes and exercises that introduce and revise the more challenging lexical and grammatical features of the English language. At the end of the book are glossaries for low-frequency vocabulary.

The CEFR level: C1-C2.

Edistyneille englannin opiskelijoille suunnattu materiaali on kokonaan englanninkielinen.

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